Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Few Pages in April...

I know, I know - I'm completely out of the posting habit at this point! I'm trying to get back into it, and I have a lot of great projects to share, so I'll keep trying! I just finished my third semester finals yesterday, so I'm feeling very relieved and ready to play catch up on some of these thing!

Here are some scrapbooking pages I completed as part of an online scrapbooking class I was taking through Big Picture Scrapbooking... the class is over now and I'm just getting to the uploading part... I have a lot of layouts to finish for the class as well, so they'll keep popping up as I work through the material. The class was Design Your Life by Cathy Zielski - I'm a big fan of her work and the class was very useful in teaching actual design elements - yea!

The first layout was based on a particular color palette we were supposed to use... orange, yellow, and black.

I used paper and embellishments from Basic Grey's Ambrosia pack and some black crystals from Zva Creative. The big brad was an old one from my stash. The first part of the title and the journaling were printed directly onto the cardstock, the "flight" is some of the letter stickers included in the Ambrosia pack. The journaling says "Some days I feel just like this butterfly, perched precariously on the edge of the world, waiting for the right time to stretch my wings and fly. This is the time of my rebirth, a time I am turning my life into something new and beautiful and meaningful. Every day I wonder, am I brave enough? Am I strong enough? Am I committed enough? And every day I answer myself by letting my hope take flight." This page was inspired by all the changes I have recently made in my life and my hopes for the future.

The next two pages are the same layout, one for my daughter and one for my son. I loved the idea of encapsulating little daily activities to remember our lives by... here's my daughter's page:

I used paper from Magenta and printed the title directly onto the patterned paper. I accented the page with gems and pearls from Zva Creative bling, and some antique lace I had. The little frame is from SU. The butterfly and bird are cut from the patterned paper. The journaling is:
-Put on only soft, comfy clothes
-Brush your hair as soon as you wake up
-Make your own breakfast
-Take breaks by jumping on the trampoline
-Feed the animals (whether they need it or not!)
-Play with your doll Alex and other stuffed animals
-Watch two or three iCarly episodes
-Run fast and jump on me when I get home
-Wiggle your butt when you want something
-Give me SO many reasons to smile

And my son's page:

The paper and sticker are from Pebbles Inc. - the title I printed right onto the patterned paper from the computer. The journaling is:
-Wake up super early, usually before 6 a.m.
-Turn on the computer first thing
-Smile when Mrs. Laws gets you out of the car
-Jump on the trampoline with sissy
-Spend hours surfing YouTube
-Reenact your favorite videos with beanie babies
-Ask for "chips wiff cheese pweese"
-Take at least two baths or showers
-Ask for tickles just before bedtime
-Remind me how lucky I am to be your mom

Hope you enjoyed these layouts - what I loved about the class was the simple layout designs, which allows you to focus on the pictures and the meaning behind the page - hope you like them as well!

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