Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recipe Cards - Finally!

OK, as promised months ago, (eek!) I wanted to share some recipe cards I have made as part of a few swaps I joined. As I shared in earlier post, I'm sort of new to the whole swapping thing, but I quickly got addicted! I have a lot of things to share, but wanted to start here. I LOVE recipes... I have a huge collection of cookbooks (over 200!) and recipes I've collected from various sources. I'm not sure why I love them so much.... I like to cook OK, but I hate cleaning up so I hardly ever do actually cook. Plus, my kids are pretty basic in what they'll eat, so I don't get much chance to experiment. But, I still collect... I've found some great recipes from those that I have tried!

The first recipe swap I joined was a Campfire recipes swap - I shared my recipe for Marinated Flank steak.... I tried to make it look kind of rugged since it was an outdoor theme...

The "smoke" is part of a swirl stamp set from Fancy Pants; the little grill is a Quickutz die. I just printed the recipe right on the patterned background paper. It was easy and I was really excited because the hostess chose me to win an award - how exciting since it was my first recipe swap on line!
I also joined an A-Z Cupcake Recipe swap. The idea behind this swap was that everyone shared a cupcake recipe based on a letter of the alphabet, so at the end of the swap you get to make a book of cupcakes... cute idea! I actually mainly joined this swap because I wanted to get an extra book as a gag gift for my mom... it's kind of a personal joke, but she really HATES cupcakes and so I thought it would be fun to poke a little fun at her on her birthday... she's a scrapper too, so she'll respect the work even if she doesn't care for the theme. Plus, I actually DO like cupcakes, and the recipe titles sounded yummy and so I signed up for two spots... here are my cards:

This was a pretty basic little card. The background paper was from Imaginisce; the border punch was from SU and the recipes I just printed on GP cardstock and matted. The frosting is in a pocket behind the recipe. The letter "L" is a Quickutz glued over a stamped cupcake.

For the letter P, the recipe I shared was for Pineapple Banana Smoothie Cupcakes, so I did a tropical theme. The paper is from Bo Bunny; I printed the recipe on SU Naturals cardstock and stamped a faint palm tree behind the recipe portion using Always Artichoke ink and a stamp from Rusty Pickle. The pineapple, letter P, and decorative flower were all QuicKutz, and the flower gem center is from Kaiser Craft. I love the Quickutz pineapple - super cute! Glad to have a chance to finally use it!

The next swap I joined was a Trifle Bowl recipe swap; I joined this one because I have a trifle bowl and they can be difficult to come up with ideas for! I love the idea of them, though; so pretty to serve in and fun.... I took two spots in this swap too, since the recipes already listed in the swap sounded awesome and I wanted all of them!! The ladies in this swap did a great job, too... it was really a fun one; here are the one's I did:

I used Bo Bunny dotted cardstock as a based, and created the card to kind of look like the trifle recipe I used.... the Ladyfinger trifle uses Ladyfinger cookies around the base, a fluffy mixture of cream cheese, 10x sugar, and whipped cream topped with cherries, so you can see how the card came about! I cheated and used my pineapple Quickutz again to make my "Ladyfingers"; the cherry is also a QuicKutz, and the rest is pretty self explanatory! Fun fun fun to do and in my favorite retro kitcheny colors!

The stamped peas and patterned paper all come from Basic Grey; I added a little stickles to the peas in the pea pod to make them pop, and the rcipe is cut out using SU's top notch die. Quick and easy, and I got to use the BG paper that I loved but didn't have a lot of use for!

My last swap was just for fun.... yes, I enjoy the Twilight series! I'm not a die hard fan sort of person, but I saw a recipe card swap for Twilight fans and thought it just sounded fun trying to come up with recipes inspired by the books; and it was! I wish I could fin more swaps based on book/movie ideas... it was fun seeing what different people came up with and finding out where their inspiration was from... Here are my cards:

This card uses paper from Marks Paper Company and an SU set for the pretty stamps behind the printed recipe portions. The Edward picture was downloaded from the Internet and cut out using my tag maker tool; I chose "Butterscotch Sauce" because the book refers to the color of Edward's eyes as "butterscotch"... I included the quoted passage on the card.

Bella actually makes Chicken Enchiladas for her father at one point, so I included a recipe for them... I just tried to go with kind of a southwestern theme since Bella is from Arizona. I used the back of some paper from Best Creations; In a clip art website under southwestern themes I found the wolf image and knew it was perfect! I again included the quoted paragraph on the card, this time on a little tag tucked behind the recipe.

You could also choose to do a drink recipe, and since I don't drink I needed to find a recipe; I actually found one called the Bella, so I picked it... I stamped the flowers on the black cardstock with white craft ink, and the patterned paper is from Prima. It was just a quicky fun one and I used blacks and reds for the romance and slightly goth undertones; the swap ended up being kind of a dud because I guess a lot of people didn't come through with their cards, and the hostess ended up having to do a bunch on short notice that for obvious reasons didn't have a lot put into them, and I still got some of my own back, so that was kind of a disappointment, but I did enjoy many of them; like I said before, it was really fun coming up with recipe cards that were based on a theme that really didn't have anything to do with cooking - great twist!

So, yea! Months later I finally have at least this much for you... Now I have a bazillion (OK, not really a Bazillion, but quite a few!) ATC's to share.. will have to do that in smaller bunches so keep an eye out! Have a great day and think about joining a swap - fun stuff!

More Big Changes...

Hi to all - I've been so SO lax at updating my blog... sorry! The reason is that once again I have gone through some MAJOR life changes.... I know, I know, after last year everyone is probably thinking enough is enough! But, not so, apparently :) So here's the scoop... I decided the time was finally right to quit my job and go back to school. Unfortunately, at the time I decided this and investigated the program I wanted to go in to, the program was starting and I had to get in ASAP... which meant getting my transcripts together and going through a bunch of financial aid stuff... yada yada yada. So, anyway, I am now just completing my first semester to become a Radiological Technologist, which means I'll be taking x-rays. The classes take about two years, after which I'll be able to take a registery test and then continue on if I want to become an ultrasound or MRI tech... which, I DO want, so I'll be doing that, but after the registry test I'll be a registered technologist and able to start working in the field, and the salary is good and I'll be able to support my family, so that's really good. In addition, I decided to start a home school program for my daughter because she was having some social difficulties in school and we're going to work on those in more intimate settings where there is better supervision. Luckily, our state has a virtual school program that is fully accredited, so she is on track with the work the other kids in the county are doing and just does it all on computer - I am there in the mornings to help guide her lessons and when I go to school in the afternoons my mom takes over if there is any left. Of course, all these changes have taken a lot of time and even though I've gotten some crafting done I haven't had blog post time, so I'll be working on getting those posts caught up... just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't dropped off the face of the planet and now that things are smoothed over you should be seeing my posts a lot more regularly!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!