Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Very Quickie Bookmark...

Today over at the MDC Challenge blog we thought it would be fun to take a little break from full cards and challenged everyone to make a bookmark instead. I think bookmarks have great potential for creativity because they can be all kinds of shapes, sizes, and even types.

I decided to make a bookmark I had seen a tutorial for a while back - it's such a fun and easy bookmark and to be honest it took me much longer to find the old instructions than it did to make the bookmark!! I keep going back to my new Marrakech paper pack from Basic Grey - love that line!! I picked it mostly because of this blue elephant paper and the stamp that goes with the set, because I love elephants (as did my great grandmother) and also because it reminded me very much of a Vera Bradley purse that I had last year and loved, except it had the pink elephants. Anyway, here's my bookmark:

The top picture shows the front of the bookmark, and the bottom picture shows a view of the back. The bookmark is very simple to make - there is a full tutorial here, but the basic instructions are to cut a strip of paper 1.75" x 8". You take the two sides and fold them in and down at the middle of the strip. In the end you should have a triangle on one side, which is the front of the bookmark, and a house shape that is the back. You will need to reinforce the seam to give it some strength - I used a border sticker from the Basic Grey pack. I love the paper so much that I just added a border to the bottom of the front and called it done, but of course you could embellish it as much as you like. I've seen nice examples where flowers or stamped images or monograms were added to the front triangle.

That's it for today - very very easy but a fun and satisfying project to make - I know I'll enjoy using my new bookmark - those darn elephants just make me happy! Thanks so much for visiting today - hope you have a fabulous evening!

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Mia Castrillo said...

Love your bookmark Tam. I must do one for myself. :D Those BG papers are so yummy!